Parking Lot Procedure

Elementary and Middle School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure


Please read and observe these important reminders about our parking lot. These are to ensure the safe arrival and dismissal of all of our students.


The east curb near the building is for dropping your child(ren) off in the morning.

At dismissal, the curb is for Elementary pick-up.


The west curb (farthest from the building) is for parking to drop your child(ren) off in the morning. Children must use the crosswalk at the stop sign.

At dismissal, the west curb is for Middle School/High School parents waiting to pick up their child(ren).


The middle lane is for moving through the parking lot.  Please DO NOT pick up or drop off your student in the center lane.


If you are waiting for your child to come out of the school, please find a parking spot in the parking lot.


Elementary begins dismissal at 2:45. 

Middle School and High School dismiss at 3:00.