Lunch Program

We are very excited to be partnering with Hy-Vee to provide fresh, delicious lunches for pre-k through 12th grade again this year.  Our hot lunch program will begin on August 23rd, the first day of school. Orders for the first week will need to be turned in by August 15th.  

We are required to order weekly so Hy-Vee can prepare the appropriate amount of food. 

Please read the following FAQ's to answer any questions you may have about our lunch program.    


FAQ's for Lunch


Q.  Who will be providing our lunches this year?
A.  Hy-Vee will provide fresh lunches each day.

Q.  How much will our lunches cost?
A.   Preschool-5th:  $4.00/day or $20/week
      6-12th:  $4.25/day or $21.25 a week

                 - Middle school and high school students will receive a larger portion than elementary students.

      Milk/Chocolate Milk/ Orange Juice are not included in the cost of hot lunch.

      Milk/juice: $.35 a la carte

                 *Preschool-5th grade have the option of paying for drinks daily or per semester.   

                  - P3 All Day - $11.90/semester or $23.80/year

                  - P4 All Day - $17.50/semester or $35.00/year

                  - KT-5th - $31.50/semester or $63.00/year

Middle School and High School Students have the option of paying daily or purchasing a 45 drink punch pass for $15.75.

Q.  How do we order lunches?
A.  A monthly menu and order forms are available under the “parents” tab on the website. Hot lunch order forms and payments must be placed in an envelope that is labeled with the student’s name, grade and “Hot Lunch”. Preschool and elementary students will turn their hot lunch order in to their teacher. Middle School and High School students will turn their hot lunch order in to their home base teacher. All orders for the following week must be turned in by the Wednesday before. A menu and order forms will be available on this page each month, so parents can view the menu and select the days their child(ren) will be eating hot lunch. Orders and payment may be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Weekly hot lunch orders and payment must be turned in by 2:00 p.m. each Wednesday for meals the following week. Monthly hot lunch orders must be turned in by 2pm on the last Wednesday of the month (1 week ahead of the first meal for the month). 

Q.  What if we order and my student is absent or doesn't pick up their lunch?
A.  If your student is absent due to illness, your family will not be charged IF you contact the school office by 9:00a.m.  If your student doesn't pick up an ordered lunch for any other reason they will be charged for the meal.

Q.  What if my student forgets his lunch?
A.  If your student forgets his/her lunch, they should call you from the office and let you know. Hot Pockets and Peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables are available for purchase, as well as a la carte items from the counter and the vending machine. 

Q.  Do you offer any other a la cart items?
A.  We will have some additional lunch items available for purchase. These items can be purchased to supplement lunch or to save for a snack before or after athletic practices.
These items vary but prices for these items are as follows:

- Chex Mix $.50

- Cheez Its $.50

- Chips $.50

- Cookies $.50

- Pickle $.50

- Ice Cream $1.00

Preschool and Kindergarten students wishing to purchase these items must place their money in a sealed envelope. The envelopes need to be labeled with: student name, grade, item being ordered, amount enclosed, and amount of changed requested.

 Students in grades 1st through 12th wishing to purchase supplemental lunch items should bring their money to the lunch room during their scheduled lunch period.

Q.  Will you provide meals that meet special dietary needs/allergy friendly?
A.  All meals are peanut-free, but are not prepared in a nut-free kitchen. Please order with caution. 



If you have any questions please email or call our lunch coordinator, Erin Dobraska, and she would be happy to help.