Start Here. Go Anywhere: Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight


Start Here. Go Anywhere. 


Pennie Carroll


Class of 1984


Occupation: Real Estate Agent and Owner at Pennie Carroll and Associates


Location: Runnells, Iowa



Upon graduation from Grandview Park Baptist School in 1984, Pennie moved to Tennessee and assisted in an Evangelist Ministry that traveled from church to church. She and her husband now live in Runnells, Iowa with their married kids nearby. Pennie, her husband, and their two sons Loren and Joe enjoy running their Real Estate Business. Natalie (Carroll) Hoyos, their daughter, works as a Children's Director at their church. Pennie and her husband are currently enjoying being grandparents to their 1st grandchild, Graber.



How has your experience at Grand View impacted you or prepared you for where you are in life right now?


"Grand View had a huge impact in my life as a young believer. Our entire family was new in our faith so having the support of teachers and friends, nearly 7 days a week, provided my two sisters (Paula and Pam) and me the foundation and roots to grow in our relationship with God. Dick and Nita McWilliams were instrumental in my life by showing me that Christianity can be exciting and real. Serving and loving God is not boring! Dick and Nita love unconditionally and give 110%. Dick's uncompromising actions and words in the classroom and the athletic court are still an example to all. Nita was not on the payroll, but gave countless hours to my experience at Grand View and showed an example of a godly marriage and an example of a mom that gave her all to her kids. Genuine faith in action!"