All Christian schools have Bible class and many have chapel.  At Grand View, we do both.  Each student has Bible every single day.  Elementary students have chapel once a week and middle school and high school students have chapel twice a week.  While these can and do impact our students, it is often what goes on beyond Bible class and chapel that makes the biggest impact. 


We recently gave every student in grades 3-12 a short questionnaire.  

The questions were simple:


What does your teacher do to teach Bible throughout all of your classes?
How has Grand View and your teacher taught you to be more like Christ?
How does Grand View integrate the Bible in all classes? Sports? Extra-curricular activities?


That’s it. Nothing else. And the responses that we received were beautiful, heartfelt, and completely from the kids themselves.  Enjoy hearing from our students how they see GVCS Integrating God’s Word and the impact it has had on them.